How to Train Your Horse for Jousting Clubs

ArticleHow to - horse trainingWednesday 27 January 2010
If you have the experience to train a horse and you have always fancied the idea of being a medieval knight then why not train a horse for jousting. It may seem like a crazy idea but it is lots of fun. Horse training can be tricky but it is definitely worth it when you achieve your goal. This article will help you to know if you are ready to train a horse to joust and if your horse is capable of achieving this ambition. 

Horse Training – Jousting 

You must make sure that your horse has a basic and firm training foundation. 
Ensure that your horse can walk, trot and canter with little intervention from the rider before horse training with the aim of jousting. 
Your horse must respond to leg cues and your voice alone. 
Practice riding your horse in a straight line without using the reins to train a horse for jousting. 
It is a good idea to practice riding without the reins along side a fence at first as this will guide your horse in a straight line. 
Once you have mastered this then you should feel confident enough to move out into an open space. 
After training a horse to ride in a straight line in an open space then you can start to ride from side to side using leg cues only. 
When you train a horse for jousting you will need to get your horse accustomed to riding with a lance. You can do this by using a long lunge whip whenever you ride. Horse training with a long lunge whip is easier then you may think all you need to do is ride with the whip in one hand as a lance. 
When you train a horse to joust you should move the whip around, passing it over the horse’s head to the other side. You should be prepared for your horse to bolt when you do this the first few times as moving the whip can easily spook a horse. 
Once you have finished training a horse to accept the whip as a lance then you can start with the fun bit. You can now make your own jousting arena at home, make some home made plastic rings and hand them on a tree.  
Practice riding your horse in all three gaits using your whip as a lance and hooking the rings on the tree. 
Keep practicing until you can ride your horse at a gallop and catch all of the rings on your whip. 
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