How to Train Guide Horses

ArticleHow to - horse trainingTuesday 02 February 2010
Guide Horses
You can train a horse for so many functions, they are intelligent animals and are very valuable to us. You can even train miniature horses to perform the same function as a guide dog. Training a guide horse takes a lot of time and effort but the results are amazing. 

Training a Guide Horse

Train a horse to guide as you would any other horse to accept a halter and be led. 
You will need to train a guide horse to stop, stand tied, turn and back up. 
Being tactile with a potential guide horse is important. As part of horse training you should pick up his feet and stroke his ears regularly. 
You should train a horse to accept being groomed and to enjoy being touched and pampered. 
You must make sure when training that you keep to a steady pace of someone walking. This is essential when you train a guide horse as you do not want them to rush off or walk to fast. 
You will need to be able to train a horse to obey these commands to stop, turn walk etc through voice cues alone. 
You must instruct your horse to move away from objects that obstruct the pathway of the person he will be guiding. 
When training a horse to guide you must teach them to avoid moving objects. These objects must be people, cars and bikes etc. 
One of the harder parts of training a guide horse is getting him to indicate to the handler when the elevation of the ground changes. If there is a step or a curb the handler will need to know, so train your horse to stop as an indication of a change in floor surface. 
A part of horse training which is unique to when you train a guide horse is housebreaking. Housebreaking the horse is important so that the handler doesn’t need to worry about cleaning up after their miniature guide horse. 
An important piece of training your horse is allowing him to keep his natural instincts; he will want to keep himself safe so in turn he will keep his handler safe from harm.
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