How to catch a horse with Jason Webb

ArticleHow to - horse trainingTuesday 16 February 2010
Catching a Horse
You must follow a process and be consistent.
Most important thing needed is focus from the horse on you.
Start in a large stable or round pen or small paddock.
Enter the area and make the horse face you.
If the horse turns away – flick with the rope to regain the focus. Repeat this as often as required, they will soon learn it is more comfortable for them to look at you and focus on you then to turn away.
As a reward for them looking at you step back and relax your pose. 
Walk around the horse making sure they follow and stay focused on you. 
It must get to the stage when they know it is comfortable to face you.  You can then step up and gently place the head collar on the horse patting and reassuring them.
Don’t be in a hurry and let them think about it. 
Take a break a repeat the process.
Should the horse move away from you when you want to place the head collar on just repeat the process.  
The horse will learn this process and you will be able to repeat it when you need to catch the horse in a field.

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