Hackney pnies for sale - Training guide

ArticleHow to - horse trainingMonday 06 September 2010
Training Hackney Ponies
Hackney Ponies have a reputation for being a tricky breed. However, these ponies are extremely intelligent, and with the right technique and patience, they can be trained fairly simply. A Hackney pony needs to be taught basic commands and manners as a foundation for future training.
When you are looking for a pony for sale and considering this breed, you should be clear that you will need to assert yourself straight away as its leader. You can do this by taking an authoritative tone and assuming confident posture. Pop the lead rope to correct bad behaviour immediately.
Hackney ponies should be tied to a ground or pull-back tie at first to teach patience. Start by tying up for short periods, then build the time up to about 2 hours at a time. 
If your new pony misbehaves while tied up, do not be tempted to untie him. Leaving him tied shows that he must behave himself and he will learn patience and some discipline.
Once you have established some discipline in your new pony, attach the halter and lead rope to him and lead him round the pen. Release the lead rope from the middle of the pen and leave the halter on. Tap your lunge whip on the ground behind the pony to make him move forwards clockwise.
A combination of voice commands and the whip should be used with Hackney ponies to get them to walk, trot and whoa. Your pony can then be taught to walk in reverse by using the whip in front of him. Use the command “reverse”.
After you have bought a pony for sale, your training sessions should be kept quite short. 
Gradually, build the time up as the animal becomes more obedient. 


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