Equine Training Aids

ArticleHow to - horse trainingFriday 18 June 2010
Horse Training Aids Guide
Equine training is an essential part of keeping a horse because it strengthens the bond between you, as well as keeping the horse disciplined. The right horse training equipment can really boost horse training and allow better communication between the owner and the equine. These aids come in different forms and are not necessarily gadgets as most people think. In fact, a simple neck strap could be just the thing to assist you. See the following tips on equine training aids for more information.

Training Aid Tips

Horse training equipment should be introduced to the horse gradually and fitted loosely at the start. This will give the horse lots of time to become accustomed to new aids.

When using equine training aids with the bit, you should only use a simple snaffle.

Horse training aids should be used in brief bursts to begin with, as they often make the horse use muscles that they normally do not use. 

Horse training equipment is used for lungeing or riding, or both. 

If the equine training aids stop working after a while and your horse goes back to his old behaviour, you will have to find another way of training as the aids have not been effective. 

It is important to note that horse training aids are not designed to be quick fixes or magically change certain behaviour; they provide assistance and a simpler way of communicating with the horse. Some riders outwardly display disdain at the talk of these sorts of aids, but it is highly unlikely that they have trained their horses without them.
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