What Are the Treatments for Horse Lice?

ArticleHow To - HealthWednesday 24 February 2010
Horse Lice Treatment

Lice on horses comes in two different forms: blood sucking and chewing. The first sucks the blood of a horse for food, while the latter will chew a horse’s skin. Both of these horse lice cause great discomfort and itching for a horse to the point where the horse rubs himself excessively. For information on treatments for equine lice, see the following guide.

The Symptoms of Lice on Horses

Signs of equine lice include:

•    Bald patches on the tail, face, mane from scratching
•    A scruffy coat
•    Wounds from severe scratching and rubbing
•    Anaemia (in serious undetected cases)

Treat Horse Lice

To treat lice on horses you can use powders or shampoos that are designed just for horses. Powders need to be applied to the whole body and rubbed into the skin. Shampoos normally have to be used for a few days.

Prevent Horse Lice

To reduce the chances of your horse becoming a horse lice victim you should keep him well groomed all the time. Ensure he is nourished properly and not under any stress.

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