What Are the Treatments for Colic in a Horse?

ArticleHow To - HealthFriday 22 January 2010
Horse Colic Treatment

Horse colic is when a horse experiences pain in the stomach. Treating colic is very important as colic is the most common cause of early horse deaths. For more information on colic cures and equine colic treatment, see the following.

Horse Colic Causes

There are numerous ways a horse can get colic. These include:
•    Parasites (e.g. bloodworms)
•    Build-up of gas
•    Intestinal blockage or impaction

Horse Colic Symptoms

•    Excessive rolling, lying, or getting up
•    Pawing the ground
•    Kicking or biting at flanks or abdominal area
•    Lip curling
•    Stretching

Minor Horse Colic Treatment

Treat a colicky horse immediately. If you think the horse has colic call the vet. In the meantime remove feed from the horse and only give fresh water every now and then. When treating colic, begin with walking your horse around. Do so for about 20 minutes. Give the horse banamine which acts as a muscle relaxant. This will help when treating colic that is milder.

Extreme Horse Colic Treatment

Treating colic that is severe will normally need surgery to be performed. Contact the vet right away if walking does not help. Stop your horse from rolling at all to prevent the gut from twisting.


To stop the need for colic cures, taking measures to prevent the illness will be a great use. Keep the horse’s water fresh everyday and feed on a regular basis. Use a number of different drugs to de-worm the horse.

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