Treating Horses with Lice

ArticleHow To - HealthMonday 22 March 2010
Horse Lice
Like any furry mammal horses can become infested with many different species of lice. No type of lice is comfortable for your horse to live with so this article will teach you about equine lice treatment. 

2 Types of Horse Lice

Blood-sucking lice 
Chewing lice 
Both types of horse lice cause your horse to rub up against trees to scratch his body. If the infection of lice is very bad then a horse can scratch himself raw trying to get rid of the itch. 

Equine Lice Treatment – What to do

De-worm your horse with a paste invermectin wormer. 
If the lice infection is extremely bad then your equine vet should be able to give you something stronger than the oral paste. 
Wash your horse with water and pyrethrin shampoo and conditioner suitable for horses. 
This shampoo will kill the lice in the hair and on the skin of the horse. 
Play the waiting game for two weeks and then wash the horse with shampoo and conditioner again to be sure that the lice are gone. 
If the weather is bad and far too cold to wash your horse with water then you can buy a pyrethrin powder. 
You should work the dust down into the horse’s hair concentrating on the base of the mane, neck and face. You should also repeat this after two weeks. 
Make sure you clean all of the brushes, blankets, pads and tack to get rid of lice. 
To wash the brushes you can use the same shampoo as you applied on the horse. 
Throw blankets into the washing machine on the highest setting for 30 minutes then dry.
Keep the horse out of the pasture or stall for at least two weeks so the lice have time to die. 
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