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What is Laminitis?

So much research has gon into laminitis over the last 10 years.Even though laminitis has been thought to be caused by bacteria and toxins in rich grass,a majority of cases seem to be triggered by excess fat in the horses body,leading to hormonal or metabolic changes.

When the excess fat disrupts the hormones the blood flow is reduces.This causes the connection between the laminae in the foot to breakdown,the laminea are connected to the internal and external structures of the hoof.They link together-like velcro.

Its when the connection is broken that the hoof structure weakens and the pedal bone is able to rotate.

Its not yet understood why these changes only occur in the feet and nowhere else in the body.

Prevention and Management!

  • Keep your ponies weight down,this is the single most important thing for laminitis control.
  • Dont worry about your pony loosing a bit of weight over winter,its completley natural,horses and ponies put weight on over spring and summer and thats okay so long as you allow them to burn it of again in the winter.
  • Exercise,Lots of it!

Might sound like i am going against everything when it comes to laminitis,but try to turn your pony out as mcuh as possible,as long as he's not on luch pasture,the more he walks around them better!


Feeding a laminitic!

When it comes to Laminitis and Feeding,its not the amount its the calories that count.

Even if your pony is on a diet its so important they get the right amount of vitamins and minereals,otherwise they can become susceptible to insuline resistance and obesity.

Dont restrict bulk feed!! It's good for a ponies digestive system and helps keep him warm during the harsh winters we sometimes face.

How do i reduce Calories?!
You can do this by:

Soaking his hay, feeding low-energy haylage and with low-calorie, high fibre feeds.

Laminitis is the second biggest killer of horses and ponies in the UK, so we all need to be aware.

Hope You Enjoyed!

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