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Horse Life Expectancy

ArticleHow To - HealthThursday 08 April 2010
This article considers the life expectancy of a horse. To learn more about horse life expectancy, read the information in this article.

In this article we take a look at the life expectancy of a horse, the longevity of different breeds, and some of the records relating to longevity and horses.





Horse Life Expectancy - A Brief Guide

•    Generally, a horse or pony can expect to reach anything up to 20-30 years of age. However, there are of course exceptions to this rule – some breeds have more longevity than others.

•    The Guinness World Record for horse longevity stands at an astonishing 62 years – the horse in question, Old Billy, was a Cleveland Bay Eastern horse that was foaled in the 18th century.

•    However, as records make the life span of this horse hard to verify, the oldest horse recorded in modern history was Sugar Puff, a pony who died in 2007 at the age of 56 (see picture above).

•    Pony breeds tend to have a longer life expectancy than traditional horse breeds.

•    Thoroughbreds tend to have a shorter life expectancy, possibly as a result of poor breed management over the centuries and the physical work they tend to carry out.

•    It seems a little obvious to state the following, but the best chance you have of increasing horse life expectancy is to plan a healthy, disciplined lifestyle for your horse with plenty of exercise. Specialist care in old age, when horses can suffer from problems such as arthritis, can also help boost horse life expectancy signifincantly.

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