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Homemade Thrush Treatment for Horses

ArticleHow To - HealthTuesday 13 April 2010
Horse Thrush Treatment

Treating horse thrush isn’t a very nice job due to the very pungent smell but it is vitally important for the continued health of the horse. You can buy horse thrush treatment over the counter at equine stores but there are also some homemade thrush treatment for horses that can prove very effective. This guide outlines how to make that homemade thrush treatment for horses.

Homemade Horse Thrush Treatment

•    To start making the horse thrush treatment you will need to mix together sugar and Betadine (to make sugardine). This will form a thin paste that will be brushed onto the hoof. Store the homemade thrush treatment for horses in an airtight container and label it.

•    Use a hoof pick and knife to clean out all the debris and dirt that may be stuck in the hoof. Pay special attention to the frog as this is where the worst of the horse thrush will be and where the horse thrush treatment should be applied most liberally.

•    Before you apply the homemade thrush treatment for horses, you need to scrub the hoof with plenty of warm and soapy water. Make sure you use a stiff brush and remove the entire excess residue and then dry the hoof with a towel.

•    When it comes to applying the horse thrush treatment, use a brush and apply the paste liberally. Once you have brushed the horse thrush treatment on, keep the horse in a clean and dry stall to help kill off the bacteria. The fresh air will help clear up the horse thrush but you should only put the horse out in a dry field with no mud or puddles.

•    Repeat the process everyday until the horse thrush has cleared up. Make sure you shake the homemade thrush treatment for horses thoroughly before use.


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