Equine Lice Treatments for Horses

ArticleHow To - HealthMonday 22 March 2010
Lice Treatments

Types of Horse Lice

There are two main types of lice, the blood sucking lice and the chewing lice. The blood sucking lice sucks the horse’s blood as a source of food. The other type of lice chews on the horse’s skin and eats cells that it manages to detach. If your horse becomes infested with either type of equine lice it will be itchy and uncomfortable. Horse lice can cause a horse to rub its face, mane and tail base until they are completely raw.

Symptoms of Horse Lice

Bald patches on the tail around the face and mane. 
Any indications that the horse is scratching. 
Coat will begin to appear straggly and unkempt.
Horse might have open wounds if the case of horse lice is severe. 
Blood sucking lice can cause anaemia if the problem goes undetected for long periods of time. 

Equine Lice Treatment

You can treat horses infected with equine lice using powder or shampoo that is specially developed for killing equine lice. If you choose to use a powder then you must make sure that you apply it to the whole animal. You must rub the powder in until it reaches the skin. Horse lice shampoos you might have to use over a course of days to make the treatment affective. 
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