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6 Equine hair loss causes

ArticleHow To - HealthWednesday 15 September 2010
Loss of horse hair is fairly common and could be down to any number of reasons. Horse health is obviously something that we all want to be in the best condition, so knowing as much as you can about it can really help out. 
Remember, your equine vet is the person to go to with all health concerns and issues regarding your horse. The following is a list of some of the possible causes for equine hair loss…
  • Dermatitis - This can be contracted from certain irritants and allergens. Bumpy skin and horse hair loss are the symptoms.
  • Rain Scald - Also known as rain rot, this can appear after heavy rain. The hair clumps and can fall out.
  • Ringworm - Hair is lost with this horse health issue in circular sports of red skin.
  • Primary Seborrhoea - This causes the skin of a horse to become flaky and scaly. It is usually found on the main tail and hind legs.
  • Selenium Toxicity - Horses that consume too much dry matter every day could suffer from this condition which results in horse hair loss from the mane and tail.
Contact your equine vet for advice on all horse health problems. For more advice on how to care for your horse in a number of other situations, click here


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