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ArticleHow To - Health08-04-2015
Like any furry mammal, horses can become infested with many different species of lice. Lice on horses are not dissimilar to lice in humans and other animals. The treatment however, is different. Equine lice can be treated fairly easily. There are different horse lice treatments available all year round. But, before you begin to treat the lice, it is vitally important that you know how to diagno...

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ArticleHow To - Health07-04-2015
Horse weights will vary drastically between breeds. As you are most probably already aware, horses can vary so much in size all the way from miniature horses to shire horses. Their weights, along with their sizes, also vary greatly.   For advice on how to feed your horse click here.    The body condition of a horse is usually measure simply by visual ...

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ArticleHow To - Health16-05-2012
Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist Kirsty Haines specialises in horse health and equine clients make up about 75% of her caseload. She has been riding for more than 20 years and owns an Arab and a Shetland pony. She gives us an overview of some of the exercises you can give your horse while on box rest. Box rest is it the end or just the beginning to better horse health? Box rest are two word...

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ArticleHow To - Health15-11-2011
Wobbler Syndrome is a condition that causes a variety of symptoms in horses. Horses that are affected tend to stumble a lot under saddle, have an unusual or uneven gait and may show abnormal increased wear on the front shoes around the toe area.   Horses with Wobbler Syndrome may also over reach an unusual amount. Slightly more rare symptoms include the tail moving abnormally in th...

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ArticleHow To - Health11-11-2011
Kissing spine is a serious problem for horses that can cause the animals plenty of discomfort when out riding or when chilling in the stables. There are a number of symptoms of kissing spine, which everyone should be aware of and if you follow this guide closely then you should be able to make an educated diagnosis. However, even if you are unsure about the condition of your horse we recommend ...

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ArticleHow To - Health25-11-2010
The horse health issue of equine ringworm is a fungal infection of horse skin, hair or hooves. The sores are contagious between horses, but also from horse to human. The infection can also be carried in bedding and tack, so it can be tricky to get rid of. Find out how you can treat horses and ponies with this condition.   Treatment Treatments that are administered provide...

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ArticleHow To - Health23-09-2010
Horses and ponies, similarly to humans, are able to suffer from diabetes. In fact, this health issue is fairly common. However, with the right horse care, you can spot equine diabetes symptoms and get your horse to the vet for treatment.   Here at Horsemart, we really appreciate the importance of being able to spot the signs of a number of illnesses and issues that your hor...

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ArticleHow To - Health15-09-2010
Loss of horse hair is fairly common and could be down to any number of reasons. Horse health is obviously something that we all want to be in the best condition, so knowing as much as you can about it can really help out.    Remember, your equine vet is the person to go to with all health concerns and issues regarding your horse. The following is a list of some of the ...

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ArticleHow To - Health01-09-2010
Equine health issues can range greatly just like our own do. It is important to make sure you know what to expect from a pregnant horse so that you can be prepared for all the different stages that an expecting mare horse goes through. By monitoring all stages of the pregnancy, you can provide the best horse care for the expectant mother and her foal. • In the first stage, the mare horse...

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ArticleHow To - Health11-08-2010
Flies are the bane of all horses and ponies lives. All horses are bothered by flies getting into their eyes, biting their legs or crawling around on their bodies.   There is not a lot that you can do about flies but there are horse care steps you can take to make your horse more comfortable.   Flies love horses and ponies so much because they have evolved to make a living off of la...

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