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Top 10 Horse Transport Training Tips

Top 10 Horse Transport Training Tips
1.  Prepare the horse trailer in advance by making sure the area is safe and there is nothing in the way of the loading space. Ensure the trailer is already hitched to your tow vehicle and cannot move.

2.  Place a reward such as a bucket of grain or hay inside horse trailers. This helps the horse in.

3.  If you have one, set the horse transport ramp up. Ramps make the process run smoothly as they can walk up them easier.

4.  If you have just bought horse trailers for sale, you need to let the horse get used to them. Allow the horse to stand by it for a few minutes.

5.  Move one of the horse’s feet into the trailer. The horse will probably bring it back out. Keep placing the foot back in until it stays there.

6.  Now place the other front foot in the trailer. With a ramp this will be simpler than without as you won’t have to train the horse to lift weight off one foot.

7.  When both front feet are in, reward the horse and let him stand like this quietly. 

8.  If the horse backs out, do not be put off as this is to be expected. Simply repeat the previous stages.

9.  Once the front legs are comfortably in, most horses will be fine with walking forwards. If not, keep repeating the steps from before, but make sure to give the horse a break every now and then.

10.  Do not forget to reward the horse each time he has stepped in the right direction towards the horse trailer.

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