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Top 10 facts about farriers

ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceTuesday 09 November 2010
Want to know more about the role of a farrier? Looking for a career in the equine world and considering this as a legitimate career path? Well, why not check out these interesting facts about farriers and then also have a look at some more information on the job here
  1. Farriers are people who are professionally trained and qualified in caring for all horse hoof matters.
  2. A farrier must tend to shoeing a horse, trimming hooves and ensuring a horse hoof is correctly angled to the ground.
  3. Originally, the word “farrier” was for someone who took care of the entire horse body and not just the hooves.
  4. A horse farrier uses a number of different tools in order to care for the feet. These include: rasps and files to shape; shears to trim; hoof knives for removing abscesses.
  5. Farriers are trained in veterinary medicine relating to the foot and lower leg of a horse.
  6. The first college for classes on becoming a horse farrier was established by the Duke of York in 1796.
  7. Making sure that horses see farriers on a regular basis means that their horse hoof, and their overall body is properly maintained. 
  8. A farrier is normally the first point of contact for a horse that suddenly comes up lame.
  9. A horse hoof that has not been trimmed properly could cause it to curl back on itself, which results in problems in the rest of the body.
  10. Working as a horse farrier is incredibly physical and demanding.
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