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Popular Horse Names

Naming a horse can be a tricky decision – if you’re struggling for inspiration, this list of popular horse names may give you a few ideas.
Popular Horse Names

Naming a horse can often be a trickier decision than you first think – there are so many options to choose from and factors to consider, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Well, if you’re struggling for ideas, the list of popular horse names below may help you find the name that best matches your new horse.

Horse Names: Get Inspired

Colours and Weather

Unsurprisingly, a horse’s colour can often help to trigger a name. The weather can also be an inspiration – the horse’s coat may remind you of a season or maybe you want to associate the horse with the time of year he came into your life. Take some time to think about these factors and how you can work them into a name. Popular examples could include:

•    Autumn Gold
•    Azure
•    Storm
•    Snowdrop
•    Summer
•    Dusty
•    Midnight Silver
•    Silver Star
•    Black Beauty
•    White Rose
•    Firefly
•    Rocky

Breed and Temperament

Some breeds simply evoke a certain kind of name - for instance large Western horses may warrant a powerful, heroic name, while calmer breeds may be better suited to more gentle names. Let’s look at a few examples of horse names relating to breed:

•    Pegasus (Western)
•    Aphrodite (Appaloosa)
•    Misty (Connemara)
•    Arabian Dancer (Arabian)
•    Birta (Icelandic)

Top Ten Horse Names

(according to the National Equine Database, information accurate as of 2009)

1.    Rosie
2.    Charlie
3.    Molly
4.    Jack
5.    Murphy
6.    Billy
7.    Toby
8.    Misty
9.    Ben
10.    Holly


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