Ponies For Sale: Dales Ponies

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If you are considering whether to buy Dales ponies for sale, this article explores the history and characteristics of the breed. Learn more about Dales ponies in the guide below.

Arguably, one of the most charming options for anyone looking for ponies for sale is the Dales pony.

This small horse breed is native to the eastern Pennines, and for years Dales ponies were used as pack animals due to their hard working nature and outstanding stamina.

Learn a little more about the benefits of buying a Dales pony for sale in the guide that follows below.

Pony For Sale: Dales Pony Profile

As touched on above, the Dales is an exceptionally hardy breed, primarily as a result of its original habitat, the rugged mountain and moorland of the Pennines. It also has a reputation as an ‘easy keeper’ – in essence, it’s a small horse that requires very little maintenance, surviving on the minimum of food. Therefore, it’s an ideal new pony for those with little or no prior experience of keeping horses.

The Dales pony has several notable physical characteristics, including a close-coupled, stocky body and strong bone density. The hooves of Dales ponies are particularly powerful – perhaps unsurprising considering the natural habitat of these impressive horses. Many of the attributes of the modern day Dales pony originate from the Pennine and Scottish Galloway breeds.

As a result of their strong conformation and determined nature, Dales ponies hold an important place in British military history. At one time, their ability to adapt to harsh climates saw Dales ponies used by the British Army as pack and artillery horses – which may just indicate why Dales varieties still remain incredibly popular amongst buyers looking for a pony for sale.

In modern times, you’re more likely to find a Dales pony being bred for leisure riding rather than on the battlefield – in fact, Dales ponies for sale are ideal if you’re searching for a versatile and fast-learning breed of horse. Equestrian disciplines that are well suited to Dales ponies include dressage, driving, endurance riding, jumping and eventing.

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