How to take a video to help sell your horse

ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceFriday 06 January 2012
A horse is a living, breathing beautiful creature, so make sure you show it off to its best potential for prospective buyers with a video clip when trying to sell your horse.

The ideal horse video composition

Here are our top tips for taking a video that's going to really show off the horse at its best:
  1. Position the horse centrally in the frame - try not to chop off the head or hooves!
  2. If possible film outside on a bright day otherwise it may be very dark when viewed
  3. If you're hand is a bit shaky holding the camera, then consider using a tripod. This will give you a much smoother film, and is ideal for following a horse around a sand school for example
  4. Try to show the horse off from all angles - either move yourself or ask the rider to change direction
  5. Use your horse's technique to its best advantage. If it's a dressage horse then show its paces, if it's a show jumper then get someone to take a video of you jumping it

Technical Details
Once you've taken your video you'll need to save them and then upload them with your text when placing your ad with our
'Place An Ad' service.

Here is the basic technical information you need:

File Formats:        
(Mpeg) - .mpg
(Audio Video Interleave) - .avi
(QuickTime Video File) - .mov

File Size:        
Less than 5mb
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