How to Keep Legs From Sliding Back While Riding

ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceFriday 29 January 2010
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How to Keep Legs From Sliding Back While Riding

Equitation is a very important part of being brilliant at riding a horse. Equitation is the form a rider takes when mounted on a horse. If you are sitting on a horse correctly then you should be able to draw a straight line from your ankle bone to your hip. You must stop legs sliding back while riding for a few reasons, one being it doesn’t look as nice but more importantly having your leg further back increases instability. Having a secure lower leg is vital when you start jumping so make sure you perfect this technique. If your legs slip backwards when jumping then your body will tip forwards, this will through off your balance and when the horse lands you could fall off. If you move your leg backwards by accident then the chances are your horse will take this as a signal to bolt.

Riding a Horse without Your Legs Sliding

  • Before you consider jumping you must work for a long time with a qualified instructor to perfect your equitation. Don’t rush into jumping as it could end in disaster and be unsafe for you and your horse.
  • Learn to drop your irons. The best way to stop your legs from slipping is to learn how to ride without using stirrups. If you ride without stirrups then it forces you to use your legs correctly and wrap them round the horse’s barrel. Riding a horse without stirrups also will teach you to sit deeply into your saddle and to sit backwards which will improve your balance overall.
  • Once you are confident at horse riding without the stirrups then your instructor will push you to start jumping small fences. Do not expect to start jumping high and wide fences at the start you must be realistic. Start small and work your way up to larger jumps when you are good and ready.
  • After you have become great at riding a horse over small fences then you will have to drop your stirrups and start jumping larger ones.
  • Once you have become comfortable jumping fences without using any stirrups and you still can’t stop legs sliding back while riding you will have to put your reins in one hand. Put your hand you have free behind your back. Securely tuck your legs under you, and keeping your hand behind your back it will encourage you to look forward.


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