How to Hang Hay Nets in Horse Trailers

ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceMonday 27 September 2010
Hay Net Tips
Horse transport can often cause unnecessary hassle for a number of reasons. Most horses are not exactly fans of horse trailers, which means they can sometimes act out. However, by using something like a hay net, you can ensure that your equine friend remains occupied and distracted. If you have bought horse trailers for sale without a built-in hay manger, see the following guide to hanging one up.

First, buy your hay net. Ideally, it should be made from cotton. This is less of a risk compared to nylon ones which can get caught in the horse’s foot.

Pull apart the rings at the top to open up the net and fill it up with hay. Pull the drawstring tight once it is full so that it is closed. This could require help from another person.

Use a double-sided snap to clip to the drawstring. 

Find the highest possible spot in the horse trailer above the head of where your horse is positioned. Normally there is a ring that is used for this purpose. Adjust the drawstring so that its rings are up against the hanging ring. 

Push your snap through the bottom ring of the net and then run the drawstring back to the tying ring.

Clip this snap to the horse trailer’s ring.

Your hay net should be quite high up now inside horse trailers. If it isn’t, you might need to adjust it.

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