How to Clip for a Horse Show

ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceWednesday 06 October 2010
Clipping for a Horse Show
For horse show preparation, you need to make sure that your horse is looking its best. For this reason, having the coat in its best condition is very important. With a pair of horse clippers, you can clip your horse to ensure his appearance is top quality. Read on for some horse grooming tips.

Start by bathing your horse. Then use a towel sprayed lightly with conditioner to dry him off. After this, brush the horse’s coat.

Before using them, oil your horse clippers so that they do not get hot. Start your horse grooming by clipping the legs. This is normally a good place to start so the horse does not get scared.

Now, gently clip the excess hair away from the leg, but be careful not too touch the leg itself as this will shave it completely. Now move down to the fetlocks with your horse clippers, and get rid of feathers from the area.

Use the edge of the clippers to trace the coronary band. Clip to level you want the hair to be and then carry on around the foot.

Next in your horse show clipping routine, is to concentrate on the head, muzzle and face. This should be done very slowly and gently to reassure the horse.

Now, trim the whiskers, the underside of the chin and then follow down to the jaw line.

Pull back the mane using the halter and clip about an inch away from where the halter was.

Clip the ears carefully, making sure to concentrate on the inside and not leaving any fuzz. This horse grooming should now have prepared you for your upcoming horse show.


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