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Horse Grooming Kit Extras

Extra Items for Horse Grooming
Horse Grooming Kit Extras
We all know about the usual horse equipment that you will find in a typical horse grooming kit. However, there are certain extras that professionals may use that you might feel your horse could benefit from. Whether you are considering buying a horse for sale, or you are already an owner, see the following guide for more information on extra horse accessories for your kit.


Human Hairbrush

These are great for brushing the mane and tail of your horse because of the wide bristles. 

Cactus Cloth

This horse grooming item comes in the form of a coarse fabric square or mitten and is used to get rid of stains.

Horse Grooming Mitten or Stable Rubber

These horse accessories are ideal for the final wipe over your horse’s coat (pictured above).

Face Brush

This small brush for the horse face has soft bristles and is normally made from goat hair.

Trimming Scissors

These are safer than regular scissors because of their blades with round ends.

Pulling Comb

This horse equipment is used to thin and shape the tail and mane. It’s normally made from metal or nylon.

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