Horse Games: 5 Cool Horse Games

ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceThursday 08 April 2010
Online Horse Games

Horse games can be a great deal of fun, and another way to enjoy having an equestrian interest. There are many good online games with horses today, all with different purposes and levels of difficulty. For a guide to 5 cool horse online games, see the following information.

Singing Horses

Horse games like this are slightly unusual, but fun nonetheless. There is no win or lose here as it is a game for pure enjoyment purposes. Get creative and make horses sing. There is a choice of 4 horses, and each one sings a different note. By clicking on each one you can make a horsey tune. If it sounds bad, then unfortunately you have yourself to blame!

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Rainbow Ponies Dress Up

This is a fun game for getting ponies dressed up. Choose out of three ponies, and then dress them up in the finest gear ready for show. Online games with horses like this are just for a bit of light fun.

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A Virtual Horse

This is a great way of learning about keeping horses at the same time as having fun online. The idea is to adopt your own virtual horse. Once you have named him, you can play games with him, make him some friends, and make sure he is healthy. There is plenty you will need to do to keep your horse happy and earn points. Online games with horses such as this one are great for learning responsibility.

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My Stable

This is another horse game that involves looking after a virtual horse. It is up to the player how the game is played. You can breed, train and show your horse. It is also possible to see your horse in its stall. You can play the trainer role or catch wild horses.

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Horsey Run Run

Horsey Run Run is one of many simple yet fun horse online games. Your horse must run a course, but avoid all the obstacles in his way. The horse drawings are amusing and the different levels mean your horse can run in a number of environments.

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The above horse games are all free and do not require any additional purchases. Some of these horse games might an email sign up.

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