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ArticleHow to - General Equine AdviceWednesday 16 November 2011
By Angela Krupinski

Ecotourism is all about holidaying whilst travelling responsibly. Ecotourism holidays are not just about staying in a 5 star hotel where the sheets are changed every day, even if they don’t need it, and lounging by the pool. They are more about staying in accommodation that gives something back to the local community. Maybe it was built by local people using local materials, or offers the opportunity to see some of the beauties nature has to offer. 

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that the accommodation is poor. Many hotels are classed as ‘ecotourism hotels’ by being more aware of the environment. This could mean washing sheets on set days, using energy efficient electrical goods and thinking about the environment in general. And, importantly, going on an ecotourism holiday should also be about you being more environmentally aware when travelling, and preserving the environment of the areas you are travelling to.
Mix horses into that equation and you have an ecotourism horse riding holiday: caring for the environment, whilst partaking in a fun activity and a great way to see the world.

Booking your ecotourism
Horse Riding Holiday

Sometimes, when life is busy at home, you may want to have your holiday partly organised for you rather than booking each individual element. To that end, there are ecotourism package holidays available, with horse riding as the main activity.

One advantage of going on a
horse riding holiday is that you really get to see the country you are visiting. As horse riders, we all know how much closer we get to nature when out riding, often seeing things we might miss when on foot. Ecotourism riding holidays are a great way to explore another country, whilst doing something you love and enjoy.

If you are thinking of going on a riding holiday it is worth considering a specific ecotourism riding holiday. There are many companies on the internet that specialise in ecotourism riding holidays; some offering a combination of horse riding and other activities as a way of seeing the sights in a responsible manner. Others offer a combination of hotel accommodation at the start of your holiday (often an ecotourism hotel) followed by a tour on horseback. During such a tour, you will really get to experience the local countryside and natural environment over several days, whilst staying in tents overnight. This is a fantastic way to travel further as you’re not returning to base each night and really getting to see some sights further afield.

horse riding holidays
are offered for all levels of ability, and for all levels of adventure, from a slow paced amble through the countryside to something a little more adventurous. Most seem to involve around six hours of riding a day so a certain level of fitness would be required.

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