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Best Paddock Maintenance Advice

Best Paddock Maintenance Advice
Paddock maintenance is one of the most important aspects of looking after horses. To ensure your horse is healthy and happy, you must maintain his living spaces. For this reason, equine management of the paddock is vital. Find out how to keep your horse fencing and paddock in great condition with this guide.




Horse Fencing

There are many different options of fencing to choose from with each having specific advantages. Wooden fences are considered to be the natural choice and are also clearly visible for horses. They also look great. 

Vinyl is a cheaper alternative and does not need as much care.

Your horse fencing should generally stand at a height of more than 5 feet to make sure that horses cannot escape.

Another paddock maintenance consideration is the thickness of the fencing. You must think about how durable it is. Stallions need fencing that is stronger than miniature horses for instance. You may consider electric fences.


The condition of the grass is vital. During the summer, you must ensure that there is plenty of healthy, green grass for horses to take advantage of.

Equally, in the winter, when the paddock is wet and muddy, be sure to take extra care in cleaning out the horse’s hooves to avoid diseases from forming.

Do not let droppings accumulate in the paddock.

Find paddock maintenance services with Horsemart.

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