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Irish Draught Horse

The Irish Draught is an Irish horse breed which originated from the Irish Hobby which is a small ambling horse. Anglo Norman war horses were also bought into Ireland and were bred with the local stock, followed by the Spanish horses of the Armada.


The Irish Draught breed was made to be docile and strong they were responsible for farm work so needed to have excellent pulling power. The Irish Draught horse is also used for riding and hunt horses. They are economical to keep as they can happily live on grass and gorse. These Irish horses will also live on left over cattle feed such as boiled turnips, oats and bran.


The Irish Draught stud book was opened in 197 and the horses began to be imported to Britain to meet the demand for plough horses. Sadly after World War One a lot of these Irish Draught horses were sent to be slaughtered to make way for tractors. The Irish horse breed was saved however when the Irish Draught Horse Society was founded in 1979 to preserve the breed.



Uses of the Irish Draught Horse



  • Irish Draught horses are known for producing upper level eventers and show jumpers so are often cross bred for this purpose.
  • The Irish Draught is bred for sport horses and is often crossed with the Thoroughbred.
  • Irish Draught horses have also become popular with the police force in Britain and Ireland because of their calm yet strong nature.
  • The Irish Draught is considered to be an endangered maintained breed by the Food Agriculture Committee of the United Nations.
  • A new breeding plan has been developed to improve the genetic variation and diversity of this breed so that the Irish Draught breed can be maintained.



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