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Find The Perfect Horse Name
How to - General Equine Advice Thursday 26 March 2015

Image Courtesy of Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

Protect Your Horse Against Shoulder Rub This Winter
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 05 January 2015

 Keep your Horse Protected Against Shoulder Rub this Winter

  As all equine lovers know that it is of the utmost importance to make sure tha...

How To Book The Perfect Riding Holiday
How to - General Equine Advice Wednesday 09 April 2014
If you're thinking of heading west and booking a ranch stay in North America, riding holiday specialist Ranch Rider has drawn up a list of travel tips to make sure its the holiday of a lifetim...
Christmas gift ideas for friends and family
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 04 November 2013
As Christmas draws ever nearer, it might be time to start planning your Christmas shopping. And, if your friends and family are into horses as much as you are, then why not take some time out to br...
Some Christmas gift ideas for your horse
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 04 November 2013
Right, Halloween is behind us, and it is nearly Bon Fire Night, which means that Christmas is steadily trotting towards us - excuse the pun. And you know what that means. It is time to start planni...
Some of the world’s best horse riding holiday locations
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 21 May 2013
We all love horse riding and most of us love getting out into the countryside in order to enjoy some fresh air with our favourite four-legged friends. I’m sure many of us have wanted to go f...
An owners guide to loaning a horse
How to - General Equine Advice Thursday 14 March 2013
I recently made a guide for advice on renting/loaning a horse. It seems logical to now write a guide from an owner's perspective and offer useful tips and help. For the owner loaning a hor...
A short guide to renting a loaned horse
How to - General Equine Advice Wednesday 13 March 2013
A growing trend has been arising recently, instead of owning a horse people are starting to loan them.  This practise can prove quite popular especially in an ecomonic recession when we all ha...
How to - General Equine Advice Thursday 07 February 2013
The recent development in technology has attainable to move from the old ways traditional ways of developing timetables manually. It is now an easy task to develop through well installed computer ...
Advertising Stallions at Stud
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 15 January 2013
Breeding season typically starts in February for horses and continues through until July. So you want to start advertising your stallions as studs now ready for next month! Here are some top tips ...
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 07 January 2013
Now it’s January and the sales have started, what better time to sell all your unwanted tack and riding gear to start the New Year. Here is a guide to show you the best ways to advertise you...
Top 10 Presents for Horse Lovers
How to - General Equine Advice Wednesday 12 December 2012
Presumably your friend either owns a horse or horse rides, however there are presents in this list that could be for those who ride or those who simply admire. Depending on your relationship and b...
Top 5 Presents for Horses
How to - General Equine Advice Wednesday 05 December 2012
We have picked the best 5 presents that we think your horse will enjoy. They vary in price and size to cater for everyone’s needs, however each is a special as the next. All these gifts ment...
Horse share: Everything you need to know
How to - General Equine Advice Friday 07 September 2012
Whether you’re an owner placed in the tricky position of not having enough spare time to dedicate to your horse or an equestrian enthusiast without the resources to provide full care for a ho...
Managing grazing into autumn
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 04 September 2012
Keeping grazing paddocks in good condition into autumn can present several potential problems and to help avoid or deal with these, Suregrow Fertiliser offers some practical seasonal advice: ...
Cremellos: The ghosts of the equine world?
How to - General Equine Advice Thursday 09 August 2012
Cremellos are a bit like Marmite – you either love them or hate them, writes Horsemart blogger and rider Charley Crocker a true cremello fan. Several years ago I acquired a cremello We...
Top tips for breeding a Show Pony
How to - General Equine Advice Wednesday 08 August 2012
If you’re wanting to breed a show pony read our top tips. Firstly DO think and decide what it is you are wanting the end result to be - what HEIGHT and what CLASS you are wanting it to becom...
What to look for in an American Miniature
How to - General Equine Advice Thursday 02 August 2012
If you're considering buying an American Miniture then read our guide below which gives you some vital statisitic. American Miniature General Impression A small, sound, well-balanced ...
A guide to finding the best trailer or horsebox insurance for you
How to - General Equine Advice Tuesday 17 July 2012
The specialist equestrian insurance team from horsebox-insurance.co.uk, part of the County Insurance Group, offer a guide to getting the best trailer insurance or horsebox insurance for your needs...
Coping with the loss of a horse
How to - General Equine Advice Monday 02 July 2012
Losing a horse can be one of life's most traumatic events. Horsemart reader and blogger Melsi writes about how she lost her beloved Show Cob Bob and how another big Cob, George, helped her rid...