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VideoHorsey Humour05-03-2013
To cheer you up!

VideoHorsey Humour23-02-2013
This was my first time jumping Chips (13.2hh) at this height. The jumps were 2ft6, that's like what, 70cm/75cm or something like that? I was really scared when I first started jumping the 'course' (I jumped around the 'course' a few times before I fell off), I then started to calm down but for some reason I just froze up over this set,...

VideoHorsey Humour25-04-2012
Mafia buy 'worlds best' racing horse for half their money, then bet the rest of their money on the race...lets see what happens?

VideoHorsey Humour16-04-2012
Unveiling the latest revolution in equine technology. Keep up to date with news, for horses. Surf websites, for horses. Connect with friends, who are horses

VideoHorsey Humour16-04-2012
Horse snowball fight, in funny Budweiser commercial

VideoHorsey Humour20-11-2010
just a vidd

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