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Rice Bran for horses

ArticleHow to -FeedingWednesday 24 February 2010
For many horse owners, rice bran has become an interesting alternative addition to a horse’s daily diet.
To learn more about this nutritious form of horse feed, read our guide below to the benefits of rice bran horse feed and how it can be integrated into a horse’s feeding schedule.
Information on rice bran
While there’s no doubting the fact rice bran can be a fantastic addition to a horse’s diet, it’s important to be careful when it comes to adding this particular feed type into weekly feeding. 
Horses tend to find rice bran extremely nutritious, but like any delicious foods in life, it can sometimes be too much of a good thing. Try and keep rice bran down to a minimum during feeding as overindulging on the high mineral content of the foodstuff can encourage gastric ulcers to flair up.
If you’re confused as to what rice bran actually is, it’s simply the brown layer that sits on top of white rice. It’s a cheap and cheerful feed supplement – but it should be seen more as a treat rather than a necessity.
Rice bran is a highly-effective feed if you have a horse that is struggling to maintain weight. The feed is rich in calories and high in phosphorous, therefore in small amounts it boosts the horse’s health and improves body conformation.
This feed is available in two different forms – raw and stabilised. Many horse owners also like to buy rice bran oil as a means of maintaining and monitoring the horse’s dietary trends.
Finally, and to reiterate the points above, rice bran for horses should always be used in moderation – in large amounts it can actually do more damage than good.
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