Organising Your Horse Feed Room

ArticleHow to -FeedingMonday 22 February 2010
Keeping Your Horse Feed Room Organised

When you are storing your horse feed, it is important to make sure that the room is very well organised and kept clean. A vital part of horse care is feeding horses the correct food and a well organised room for horse feeds will make the process easier. Horse feed should be kept in a separate room from other tack and should be a convenient distance from the stall. This guide outlines how to organise our horse feed room and keep it clean.

Keeping Your Horse Feed Room Organised

•    Make sure that your horse feed is kept away from your horse in a secure room. By nailing a rubber strip to the door in such a way that it sweeps the ground as it goes over will help to stop rodents getting into the feed room and contaminating your horse feeds. The latch of the feed room should work in such a way that it cannot be opened by a mischievous horse.

•    Make sure that the feed room is secure by going round and patching up any holes that may allow rodents to enter. Using the rubber strip around the bottom of the walls may help to keep rats and mice out. Rodents eat and contaminate the horse feed and also chew at other horse supplies, hence why you shouldn’t keep your horse feed with the rest of your tack.

•    Your horse feed room should have a large table or work surface for measuring out the food, mixing supplements and storing things such as buckets etc. You will want plenty of shelving and storage place for other horse supplies such as medications. You will need a set of scales for measuring out the horse feeds.

•    A white board or a black board will come in handy when it comes to keeping track of what you have been feeding the horses and other things such amounts, supplements and any other important info.

•    Extra storage cabinets with securable, lockable doors will be very useful in your feed room. You can use these to store other things that are vital to horse care such as extra blankets or rugs etc and other things that need to be kept clean. Old school lockers are often available for a good price and these make excellent storage cabinets.

•    One of the easiest ways to stop rodents getting at your horse feed is to keep it off the ground. It also has the added bonus of keeping it away from the damp floor and you won’t have to bend down to get to it. Keeping your feed in bins that have securable latches and are rodent proof will also help.

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