Horse feeding tips: What and how much?

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Horse Feed

It is essential to know what horse food and how much horse food you need to feed your horse to keep him healthy. This article will give you a few horse feeding tips to help you know what horse food to use and when. 

Basic Horse Feeding Tips

Horses graze naturally so it is better to feed them little amounts often. 

You should use good quality horse food such as hay or forage as the basis of any horse’s diet. 

You shouldn’t make any sudden changes to feed as this can effect the horse’s stomach. If you decide to change what horse food you are using then you should gradually change the diet over a 7 to 10 day period. 

Provide your horse access to salt at all times. 

Give mineral supplements. 

You will need to provide your horse with clean and fresh water at all times. Do not leave your horse to eat snow in the winter this is not a sufficient water source. 

Horses should be fed as individuals, each horse is different and you have to make sure that you are taking the responsibility of ensuring each horse gets the nutrients it needs. 

How Much Horse Food?
Protein – protein is needed in a horse’s diet for growth and maintenance of muscle tissue, hair and organs. Legume hays like alfalfa have good protein content and this should be used for adult horses. Grass hays are lower in protein but are usually quite sufficient for mature horses. If you have a young horse then you will need to give him a diet with more protein, feeding soybean meals is essential for horses under the age of two years. 

Minerals – horses need calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, iron, manganese and selenium for bone development and general health. You will need to feed your horse with grasses which are adequate in calcium and grains which have the right phosphorus content.  

Vitamins – you should give your horse supplements of vitamin A, D and E.  

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