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Tips on Horse Feed
If you are looking for a horse for sale, it is important to know about the kind of horse feed you will need. There are countless products available to feed horses and ponies, and this can sometimes be overwhelming. The following guidelines will outline what you need to know to feed horses.

When you buy horses, you should be aware that their diet is based mainly on forage. Sometimes this, along with some vitamins and minerals, is all a horse will need.

You should always have clean and fresh water available for your horses and ponies to drink.

Clean out all horse feed buckets and containers everyday.

You may buy horses that work very hard. In this case, you will probably need to give them compound horse feed. This acts as a kind of extra fuel. 

Remember to only buy the very best quality of forage and store it properly so that it is kept dry and clean.

If you decide to change the brand of horse feed you give, be very careful to make this change gradually. You should introduce the new brand into your old a little at a time, and gradually reduce the old one until it is gone.

When feeding horses and ponies, do not be tempted to feed by volume. Instead, use weight. A scoop of one feed will not necessarily way the same as a scoop of another.

Never feed more than 2kg of hard feed in a meal.

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