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How to qualify for British Show Jumping championships

By Udo Onyewumb
How to qualify for British Show Jumping championships

British Show Jumping competes under Team GBR more than once a year at events such as the European Championships, the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games. Its governing body British Show jumping formulate the rules and regulations that are observed in all affiliated competitions.  The group maintain and improve British show jumping standards, and allow members of all levels to experience fair and regulated competitions and obstacle circuits.

British Show jumping classes are able to provide for all abilities and skill sets, from those who only wish to compete on occasion, for example at weekends, to those who aim to progress to first-rate competitive show jumping, for example at the Horse of the Year Show, at Olympia and at the Royal International Horse Show.  

Over 4,200 show jumping shows are run each year by British Show jumping, giving members with registered horses and ponies more than 4,350 days of show-jumping. Show Jumpers who wish to become members of British Show jumping must first be members of Pony Clubs or Riding Clubs, and be able to verify this with membership club cards.  

Membership applications on the British Show Jumping website include different membership categories to choose from, for example, Pony Rider, Pony Associate Rider, Associates, and Full Jumping.  Horses and ponies may also become register members with the British Show Jumping. Advancements in show jumping are made through the completion of structured classes.  Unaffiliated classes are run by equine enthusiasts and can give much needed experience to novice riders.

These classes however are not governed by recognised governing bodies, so it is therefore not possible to ensure the consistency of structure, facilities and levels of safety within unaffiliated classes and competitions.  Affiliated classes must adhere to strict guidelines established by British Show-jumping. These guidelines cover all aspects of classes and competitions including obstacle structure and construction.

These classes give the rider and horse access to innumerable competitions, while paving the way to training, class and competition structures for top-class events like the Olympic Games. Affiliated competitions include a series of classes, starting with the 70cm, which provide a defined system for advancement through to higher grades of British show jumping. Because these competitions are supervised by British Show jumping and held at approved venues, participants are guaranteed a consistent standard of service. The rulings of the judges are consistent, while the prizes structure is well coordinated.

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