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ArticleHow to - Careers17-05-2012
Ever wanted a career as a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist and wondered what a typical day would include? Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist Kirsty Haines specialises in treating animals and equine clients make up about 75% of her caseload. She has been riding for more than 20 years and owns an Arab and a Shetland pony. She gives us an overview of what it’s like to be a Chartered Ve...

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ArticleHow to - Careers14-05-2012
If working til 9pm, providing an on-call agony aunt service and getting soaked to the skin several times a day sounds like a great day's work, then a career as a riding instructor could be for you. Nicola Strong reports. Sharon Kilminster began working at a local riding school in the late 90's having studied there for her NVQs in horse care and riding, and has never looked back. She...

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ArticleHow to - Careers14-07-2011
The county of Essex is well known for its ‘horse based’ society and can provide many careers within the equine sector as well as training and qualifications.   The careers vary from general yard hands to competition grooms at stables in the area, however some of these jobs will require qualifications in order to be suitable for them, for example a job at a competition y...

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ArticleHow to - Careers01-07-2011
When looking for employment in Devon there are a few rules that you need to adhere to. I have bullet pointed these below.   Search every job website available. Be persistent and chase up every enquiry. Show that you can put in the graft as well as using your brain.   People who want a job with horses usually come from a "horse background". W...

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ArticleHow to - Careers03-12-2010
Are you considering training to be a farrier? These equine jobs are highly challenging yet thoroughly rewarding. A horse farrier is responsible for taking care of the hooves of horses, dealing with everything from making and fitting horseshoes, to trimming hooves to the correct angle. Find out more about farrier training with this guide. What is a Farrier? A ...

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ArticleHow to - Careers02-11-2010
Interested in a career in equine dentistry? Always wanted to work with animals and see this as a perfect career?  In order to work in this field, you’ll need to be committed to years of education and training.   But fear not my friend, here at Horsemart we have written a little guide offering you five fantastic places that you should consider when thinking about where to...

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ArticleHow to - Careers12-01-2010
Lots of people love horse riding but cannot always afford to go; if you are one of these people than this is the article for you.    Getting people with horses to let you ride them for free is not very easy but there are ways that horse owners can be persuaded; although you might have to do a little hard work in return for free horse riding. Below are some helpful ideas to help you get...

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ArticleHow to - Careers11-01-2010
Becoming a horse trainer requires a great amount of passion and dedication. Working hard for the qualifications to become a certified horse trainer will all be worth it once you can share your knowledge with students and work around horses everyday. For tips and advice on how to be a horse trainer see below.   S/NVQs S/NVQ stands for Scottish and National Vocational Qualificati...

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ArticleHow to - Careers07-01-2010
Horse jumping is one of the most popular sports in Britain, with thousands of people taking up the sport every year; many inspired to emulate feats achieved by the likes of Zara Phillips and Pippa Funnell during the last few years.   While it’s a richly rewarding activity, it’s also one that needs a lot of practice and attention to detail. Brimming with tradition, the a...

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ArticleHow to - Careers06-01-2010
05 January 2010                    Press Release Making sure that her dressage horses are in the best of health is key to Lucy Cartwright’s training and producing philosophy.   Here we catch up with the talented Gloucestershire-based competitor to find out more about how working for Carl He...

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