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Using Stable Mats

Learn about the benefits of stable mats in the guide. The purchase of stable matting can be extremely advantageous, as this article explains.
Using Stable Mats

Many horses can benefit from the addition of rubber stable mats onto the flooring of a stable. Adding an extra layer to the floor can be a boon to a horse’s health, from adding extra warmth to the stable to aiding in the rehabilitation process from injury.

Learn more about horse mats in the guide below.

Stable Matting – The Benefits

1.    Rubber mats can help offer an extra insulating layer of warmth to a stable, which the horse will welcome during long, cold winter nights. By sealing up a cold granite floor, the rubber mats can help reduce the risk of both injury and illness.

2.    As explored in this horse hoof guide, the hoof is one of the most fragile areas of the equine body. Rubber stable mats offer a buffer between the outer wall of the hoof and the hard floor. The extra later of protection offered by horse mats can be extremely useful in protecting older, arthritic horses and for horses returning to full health after a long spate of injuries. Reduce the stress and tension exerted on a horse’s leg by adding stable mats to the floor.

3.    A stable mat can help aid circulation in the horse’s limbs, leading to better blood flow and subsequently a healthier lifestyle and stable existence for your horse.

4.    Some horses may be susceptible to different respiratory illnesses with certain kinds of bedding – specialist rubber stable matting can help eliminate this problem if you plan the bedding area sensibly in the stable.

5.    Finally, and this is probably the laziest reason for investing in stable matting, mucking out will become a far easier proposition – any waste will collect on the rubber mat, and can be wiped off with relative ease, making all those early morning rises seem a whole lot easier to stomach.

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