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Symptoms of Arthritis in Ponies

ArticleHow to - CareTuesday 13 April 2010
Pony Arthritis Symptoms

A pony will generally live longer than a full sized horse and this can mean that they are more prone to arthritis. There are some distinct pony arthritis symptoms that can help you diagnose whether a pony is suffering and start to take measures to relieve the pony arthritis. This guide outlines how to spot symptoms of arthritis in ponies.

Pony Arthritis Symptoms

•    Pony arthritis is a disease that causes the joints to degenerate. The most common places to spot pony arthritis symptoms is in the knees, the hocks, the coffin joints and the fetlocks. Much like human arthritis, puny arthritis can be very painful.

•    The most common cause of pony arthritis is old age, any pony older than 15 years old is prone to developing it and increased activity can hasten the development of pony arthritis due to cartilage damage and any tendon/ligament damage.

•    There are several visible pony arthritis symptoms that can help you diagnose the condition. These can include ongoing swelling and stiffness around a joint or pain after being ridden. Other symptoms of arthritis in ponies can include a grating noise and visible signs of lameness.

•    You should look out for changes in the personality of the animal as these can be symptoms of arthritis in ponies. The animal is in pain and may show stubbornness and be unwilling to work.

•    There is no cure for pony arthritis so the majority of treatments are aimed at reducing the pain levels for the animal. Painkillers such as bute can prove very good at relieving pony arthritis symptoms, as can various health supplements added to the horse’s feed.


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