How To Clip Your Horse

ArticleHow to - CareTuesday 16 February 2010
Clipping a Horse

To start clipping a horse, always begin on the shoulder and use long strokes against the hair and make sure you overlap each line to prevent marks or lines. Work you way up the horse’s neck.

Wear protective clothing so you don’t get horse hair on you or your clothes as it can be hard to get out.

It is important for the wellbeing of the horse to check the clippers regularly so that they don’t get too hot. Make sure you keep them oiled; any discomfort for the horse will make the clipping process harder.

If it is a cold day use a rug to place over your horse’s quarters and keep him warm.

We recommend you do your clipping in a stable with your horse securely tied. Keeping the stable floor clean and clear beforehand makes it much easier to clean up afterwards.

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