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How to Care for a Miniature Horse

ArticleHow to - CareFriday 11 December 2009
Miniature Horse Care

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Miniature horses are brilliant pets but like their larger companions take a lot of time and horse care. A miniature horse needs, space, time and money even though it is small there is still a lot of physical work involved. Listed below are some of the things you will have to build into your routine when caring for miniature ponies. 

Horse Care – Miniature Ponies

You need to provide your miniature horse with two acres of running and roaming space, he might be small but he still needs the space to exercise. 
The pasture you put your pony on must be grassy and the water supply must be constant and clean to give your pet the proper horse care. 
You must build a shelter for your miniature horse to protect him from weather extremes.
You should muck out these shelters daily so keep them clean and stop the breeding of bacteria. After mucking out provide your miniature horse with new straw bedding.
Feed your miniature horse quality hay as the main component of their diet. Supplement this with grains which should comprise about 10% of the horse’s diet and you can occasionally treat your horse with healthy snacks. 
Miniature horses need to be fed regularly as their digestive system needs to be constantly moving.
Groom your pet daily to keep it clean and healthy.
Use some fly spray to prevent your pony from being bothered.
You should check your miniature pony’s teeth and hooves weekly. The grooming process is exactly the same as with larger horses and they need the same level of care and attention. 
Grooming is also a really positive way of building up a relationship with your pet.
Your miniature horse will need its hooves trimming about every six to eight weeks; you should go to a farrier to do this. 
Take your horse to the vet at least once a year. If applicable get the vet to show you how to clean the sheath. You will also need to know how to administer vaccinations and parasite control.
If you learn how to do these things then you will save lots of vet’s bills. 
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