Horse Grooming Methods

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Type of Horse Grooming
Horse grooming is incredibly important and you must make sure that you groom your horse regularly to check on his health and to give him the prefect shiny coat. By grooming your horse regularly you increase circulation and muscle tone while keeping your horse looking perfect. If you have a show horse then horse grooming is even more important. This article will help you to groom your horse to the best of your ability. 

How to Groom a Horse


The Significance of Clipping in Horse Grooming 

If you own a working horse then you should probably body clip him during the winter months. By body clipping a horse it allows him to cool down naturally without developing a chill. If you do body clip a horse in winter you will need to use a blanket to keep the horse warm while he is not working. When horse grooming it is also important to clip the horse’s bride path, face, ears and legs. 

Horse Grooming – Bathing 

By bathing your horse regularly you will control odour. It is very important when you groom your horse that you remove mud and dirt from the coat, and bathing your horse will achieve this. Bathing can also cool down a horse after doing strenuous exercise. You should regularly wash and condition the horse’s mane and tail so that it remains silky and soft. If you want to keep your horse’s coat spotlessly clean after a bath then you can cover up your horse with a sheet or a blanket. 

Types of Equipment Vital in Horse Grooming

Curry Comb – Used daily to remove dirt and loose hair. 
Dandy Brush – This brush is important to remove all of the debris left behind by the curry comb. 
Hoof Pick – Hoof picks are very important bits of kit as they enable you to remove all mud and stones from the horse’s hooves. If the horse’s hooves are not properly looked after then the horse’s long term health could be at risk. 
Sponges – You should wet sponges to clean the horse’s eyes and muzzle. 
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