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Horse affection: How do they show It?

ArticleHow to - CareWednesday 07 April 2010
Signs of Horse Affection
Horses are very affectionate animals and, much like dogs, they enjoy human company. Affection from horses can come in many different forms such as nuzzling, following you around and ‘kissing’. 
Horses are animals that are based on trust and once they really trust their owner you will start to notice the horse affection. This guide outlines some of the most common signs of affection from horses.
Affection from horses
  • Horse affection is often much more subtle than it would be from a cat of dog. Although we think that patting a horse on the nose is affectionate, it is not the case. Horses like to nuzzle each other so patting or stroking your horse on the neck is much better. You will be able to notice affection from horses if they move their head towards you or nuzzle you even slightly.
  • Another sign of horse affection is making very low noises in your presence. Horses have very sensitive hearing and speaking in a low voice to them is a sign of your affection.
  • In the wild, affection from horses is noticeable when they hang their heads over each other’s necks and ‘hug’ each other. Horses may sometimes do this to their human owners as well.
  • One of the most obvious signs of horse affection is licking, lipping or kissing. A horse will often use its mouth to ‘kiss’ their owner, often on the neck, chest or even hair. This can sometimes be misinterpreted and make people feel uncomfortable, especially people who are not used to being around horses.
  • Another obvious sign of horse affection is if they follow you around. If you happen to have food this is obvious but one of the best signs of affection from horses is when they simply like to be in your presence. Many horses will follow their owner around the pasture or the stall as they want to be close to you.
  • Horses will also keep their noses near each other and breath the same air as a sign of affection.

Tell us about your horse
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