Equine Stable Care

ArticleHow to - CareThursday 13 May 2010
Equine Stables

Equine stables provide shelter and a good home for horses. Looking after a horse in an equine stable requires you to use stable equipment so that you can adequately care for the horse. See the following guide to caring for your horse in equine stables properly.

•    Ensure that the equine stable always has plenty of fresh water for the horse to drink from. Automatic waterers can be used to dispense water on a timer if you are unable to be at the stable. However, some horses will not like these. If using buckets, make sure there is lots of water available.

•    Do not put grain on the ground of equine stables for the horse to eat. This can be mixed with sand and then cause colic. The food should be in a bucket or feed pan.

•    Wooden stalls are the most suitable for horses. Those made from concrete or cement could cause damage to a horse’s leg or foot if it kicks it. Some horses may chew the wood though, so if possible have it covered with a substance that will stop this.

•    Ensure there is plenty of ventilation in the equine stable. Keep the doors open when you can, so that air can circulate. Stale atmospheres are a breeding ground for bacteria.

•    Keep the stall clean. Horses produce a huge amount of manure and urine everyday. When cleaning, make sure the liquids have been soaked up. Wet conditions could cause thrush.

•    Bedding must provide comfort to the horse. Bedding includes sawdust, shavings, wood pellets, rice hulls and shredded paper.

•    Horses should have a lot of open space outside of equine stables to run around in.

•    Keep your horse free from flies and parasites by using preventative products.

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