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Clipping The Face

How to Clip a Horse's Face
Clipping The Face

It is important to make sure your horse is securely tied before you start clipping.

If possible, use a head collar that allows you to unclip it under the throat.  If not and your horse is happy you can put the head collar around his neck and remain tied.

It is recommended to clip your horse in the stable as it provides a safer environment.  If you are new to clipping get some chalk and draw lines on the horse to guide you.

To half clip the face draw a line from the back of ear to top of lip.  This is where the cheek piece of the bridle will sit.

Clip all the hair off beyond this point towards the back of the horse.

If your horse will not allow you do this area then you can ask your trainer or a vet for advice on ways you can achieve this.

The face is very tricky to clip as the hair grows in different directions and there is baggy skin, so make sure you hold the skin taught to prevent catching the horse with the clippers.  Also take care around the bony areas.  


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