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Supporting the Skin from Within
Supporting the Skin from Within
  Skin. We all have it, and chances are most of us take it for granted, but the skin is the largest organ on yours and your horse’s body. Its importance to your overall health is huge, and your horse is certainly no different. Keeping skin in top condition isn’t just down to good grooming, it can be achieved by feeding the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals too. Unfortunately the grass in your horse’s field is unlikely to contain everything needed to keep your horse’s skin strong and healthy, which is why more and more horse owners are now choosing to feed
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A Resolution For A Performing Rider
A Resolution For A Performing Rider
A Resolution For A Performing Rider   We have reached 2017, and most people's New Year’s resolutions are now in full swing. Thinking about my resolutions led me to think about how these can impact the lives of our four legged friends.  When asking friends and colleagues, most New Year’s resolutions were to increase their exercise levels and improve fitness. I can imagine this resolution has been popular across a significant proportion of the British population. Unlike many other sporting disciplines, the fitness level and health status of the equestrian rider is commonly over-looked. Instead, owners often invest copious amounts of time and
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